Hi, I have just found out that my wife is pregnant by another man.

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Quote: Originally Posted by photoboss45 It was when my job sent me too Africa that my wife was forced into breeding to the black housemaster in the house we lived in. Australia doesn't have alamony so you would be free there.

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After 3 months in country I took her into town to see a doctor and get her forim refilled. Also if you stay, you may develop a emotional link with the child and this could hamper your decisions in future. We found a lady doctor and got her pills. More white men should be so lucky. Was a lot of talking when the family Lady seeking sex Berger the black baby she had.

Cuckold pregnancy forum

Cheers, Z. Thats good.

Cuckold pregnancy forum

This time a very large and fat black did the deed. She was on birth control pills when we arrived.

Cuckold pregnancy forum

I assume the other guy has now run a mile. At least you Chestnut IL housewives personals to let your wife have some bbc without it bothering you. Under Australian law, you would need to prove very soon at birth the child is not yours, but if you continue to look after it, then you will be finacially liable for it. I know white women in Africa are at the mercy of the peegnancy.

Cuckold pregnancy forum

Thats hot. This won't last forever and sooner or later I suspect you or she will leave and take you for a finacial ride. I bet your wife was happy all the time.

We had 4 months till we were to go home and we were informed that wife was again knocked up to black again. I think its probably time to let her go. Hi, I have just found out that my wife is pregnant by another man.

Cuckold pregnancy forum

The pills she got were fake. I want us to stay together but am wondering if there are others out there who have been through this?

When the baby pregnnacy born it was given too the housemasters wife too raise. The child is the innocent victim in this as they always are. Please no derogatory comments such as dump her etc.

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If you stay and you are able to rebuild your relationship you are doing want many wou;dn't or couldn't and I appaul you for it. Wife and I have 1 white daughter.

Her feelings for you will be very hard for both her and you to work out for sometime as she will naturally want to keep a man read income and house and someone to help with baby in her life. Have raised him as just one of our.

Cuckold pregnancy forum

America should take a lesson from that.