Are URL Shorteners Important

The latest buzz is URL shorteners. There are websites dedicated to shortening the long URL’s. The shorter versions of the URL’s can be highly useful in marketing. They were originally started because of Twitter. Social marketing has taken over the world and making adjustments to cater to the requirements is necessary. Twitter only allows 140 characters per “tweet”. When a URL takes up more than 100 characters, it does not leave much to say in the rest of the “tweet”. URL shortener fixes the problem of insufficient space.

Twitter may have started the URL shortening trend, but it has not stopped there. Companies are learning that by using shorter URL’s they are able to get in touch with the people. The reason for the URL shorteners is, it is somewhat hard to remember a long web address, but by shortening the address it is easier to remember. The important thing to remember is the shorter version of the web address, just is taking the person to another page. It is similar to when calling a number that has been changed; it will give the new number. This new web URL not only gives the new number but also patches the call through.

It is always better to use the longer version of the URL if possible. If there is not going to be room for the longer address and one uses a shortener, make sure to use a 301 redirect. A 301 direct is a redirect that shows that the page has permanently moved. This is necessary for when using shorteners, because it lets prospective customers know what is going on. Web pages also use traffic to rate a site. The site that has the most traffic gets put closer to the top in the search listings. It is necessary to make sure that the 301 is in place as this will allow the place to be ranked higher.

Many companies wonder how a URL shortener can assist them. The benefit in a shorter URL is just for advertising; it is easier for the customer to retain. There are several websites, which will provide a shorter URL address and it is easily done. While it may be a matter of convenience that some will embrace, it is actually about the social marketing field. Those who are not involved in the social marketing aspect would probably find little value in URL shorteners.

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