Will Customers Embrace Near Field Communication Technology?

Near Field Communication is taking the business market by storm. When a customer goes into a store, they are asked how they would like to pay, cash, check or credit card. In the near future customers will be ask, if they would like to pay with their cell phone?” Thanks to smart phone technology stores are adopting the practice of Near Field Communication. There is a growing numbers of retail chains around the country are using this method as a way to provide their customers to pay, easily.

A leading coffee chain is now using this method and the results have been successful. The cash registers come equipped with a reader and the cell phones are scanned or tapped in front of it. When communication is made between the two devises, the reader can immediately deduct money from the credit card, which is tied to the cellular phone. If it sounds too difficult it is actually quite straightforward.

Most cell phones are equipped with a NFC chip in their phones. While many may not be using them, they can quickly be activated. It is estimated that one in five cell phones, on the market, have these chips in them. The chips allow the phones, to easily communicate with a cash register reader. The communication between the two devises will take place when the application is installed. There will be some setup involved before the phone can successfully be used. A credit card will need to be added to the smart phone application so that it can be used to pay for purchases.

While NFC or New Field Communication is a new technology to be adopted, it is one that is being embraced. Most people have their cell phones with them at all times. With cell phones being able to handle calendars, pay bills and keep one organized, what better thing to also pay the bills.

NFC technology is still in its trial period, some customers are already quick to jump on board. It will be intriguing to see what happens in the future and how many will see this method of payment as the primary method for their families.

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